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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pagan Bookmark

With a small amount of Crochet Cotton, and a Steel Hook, work this Pagan Bookmark.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Day of the Dead Yarn Skull Doily or Afghan Block Halloween Filet Chart

If you have a fascination with skulls, here is a free pattern that can be constructed in minimal time as it is made with yarn. Pattern is 24 squares x 24 squares. I used the extended double crochet stitch but the normal doulble crochet can also work. I used a variety of filet stitches, such as the lacet and the double space or bar stitch. To crochet to gauge, I used the extended double crochet stitch. I used Red Heart 4 plyyarn and an H/5.0mm hook. My piece measured 16 inches tall. Depending on the thread or yarn you use, many different projects can be made.


Chinese Take Out Box Curtain in Filet Stitch

 If you like Chinese take away, this panel is for you! It’s a little more ambitious than my other designs, but the bold graphics make it easy to replicate. It’s sized at 16 x 25 inches and needs 800 yards of #10 thread. It can be used in a kitchen window, for restaurant decor, or as a wall panel.

Cats Playing Ball Filet Chart Curtain Doily

Originally published in1922 by The Queenslander, this pattern had no actual chart, but a photograph of the filet with row by row counts for a turn-corner and insertion lace. I re-charted the main cats, each is a mirror image.
 The original pattern was written in British terms. Ravelry is hosting the original pattern also under “Cat and Ball Insertion”. I simplified the image so that anyone can make it. I also used the extended double crochet stitch, but feel free to use a double or treble if you like.

Crochet Thread Filet Lacet Skull Doily with Brain Slice Edging Day of the Dead Wicca Pagan Halloween

This thread skull doily  is easy since it's only 24x24 squares. Use the extended double crochet stitch for a nice square piece. Please feel free to use the double crochet stitch instead. You don't have to make the edging.

Filet Crochet A Plump Moon Goddess Ceremony Altar Cloth, Curtain, Wall Art

Goddess and her twin moons! This figural ceremony cloth is made with the filet crochet stitch. I like the extended double crochet stitch to work my piece to gauge, but feel free to use a double or triple stitch.

Filet frog re-interpreted from an antique pattern in my personal library. I used the extended double crochet stitch to get the pattern in a square proportion, but feel free to use the double or treble crochet stitch. 

Crochet Filet Monkey Happy Dance Graph Chart Free Pattern

This monkey doing a happy dance is sure to put a smile your face! I used the extended double crochet stitch, but use the double or treble if you like that better, I do have a photo tutorial on my pattern page to demonstrate the extended double crochet. This monkey chart is the same size as my frog chart and would make a fun “frogs and monkeys” afghan for a baby.

Salaam Peace in Arabic Script with lacet butterfly Filet Chart Graph Islam Muslim

This is a pattern that is the Arabic script or abjad for the word Salaam, which translates to Peace. It is suitable for Muslim or Islamic households. The butterfly adds a decorative element and is done in the lacet stitch. It’s easy to eliminate if you choose. I worked vertically for ease of construction as I find that wide pieces tend to buckle. You can use this as a curtain, wall hanging or as a pillow front. Since this pattern is worked long ways, I divided the charts into manageable units.

Close up of butterfly

Filet Crochet Rooster Head Panel Curtain Wall Hanging Chart Graph Free

This 50 squares by 50 squares chart is made with #10 thread and a #7 steel hook. It's crocheted in the filet stitch using the extended double crochet stitch but you can use the double crochet or treble stitch.