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Monday, July 28, 2014

Day of the Dead Yarn Skull Doily or Afghan Block Halloween Filet Chart

If you have a fascination with skulls, here is a free pattern that can be constructed in minimal time as it is made with yarn. Pattern is 24 squares x 24 squares. I used the extended double crochet stitch but the normal doulble crochet can also work. I used a variety of filet stitches, such as the lacet and the double space or bar stitch. To crochet to gauge, I used the extended double crochet stitch. I used Red Heart 4 plyyarn and an H/5.0mm hook. My piece measured 16 inches tall. Depending on the thread or yarn you use, many different projects can be made.



Renee said...

Do you have instructions on how to join them please (:)

Unknown said...

I can't read the written instructions as the picture is blurry

marothe said...

Agree! It isn’t possible to read the written instructions. Too blurry, even when I zoom out. Could you please send me the written instructions?