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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Crochet Pagan Wicca Egyptian Ankh with Stole Shawl Variation Chart Graph

To turn the Ankh lacet chart into a stole, you'll have to make two units, and then sew them together. Because of the nature of the lacet stitch, if you work the stole in one piece, the lacets will appear upside down. To get started, work one chart, then continue with the plain open spaces until the length is to the middle of your neck. Fasten off. This completes one side of the stole. Work a second unit in the same manner with the same n umber of rows to match the first unit. Using the same thread that you used to make the pieces, sew the two units together, matching the rows stitch for stitch. Using safety pins to hold the pieces together will help you keep the join neat. If you want to make a stole without the lacet stitch, you can work it one piece. Start the first chart, making the plain open spaces, to the middle of your neck, then reverse the chart, making sure you start the second Ankh at the top of the loop, not the bottom of the T, so that when you wear it, the Ankhs are in the correct position.
In Ancient Egypt, priests wore fringes on the bottom of their robes to indicate their chosen status. You can fringe the short edges, or make a certain number of tassels on each end for a decorative or symbolic effect. Tassels and fringes look best between 6 and 12 inches in length. If you want to, make seven knots in each corner tassel to symbolize the seven days of creation.
The Ankh icon symbolizes life and immortality. It symbolizes the Universe. It represents immortality, male and female balance, joy of life and energy. The top part of the Ankh, the loop, is nothing less than the sun. The lower T-shaped portion is the handle and shelf you use to carry the sun with you. The meaning is that we carry the sun with us each day. In other words, everyone must carry their own weight. Each one of us is responsible for our own destiny.

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T said...

I appreciate how thorough your patterns and directions are, truly. Your designs are elegant and all I have tried are very sturdy as well. I haven't seen an alphabet (upper and lower case) done in anything but block type lettering. Is it possible that you have a more intricate design in your library that you would be willing to post?
Again, thank you for your beautiful and fun designs!