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Monday, July 28, 2014

Crochet Thread Filet Lacet Skull Doily with Brain Slice Edging Day of the Dead Wicca Pagan Halloween

This thread skull doily  is easy since it's only 24x24 squares. Use the extended double crochet stitch for a nice square piece. Please feel free to use the double crochet stitch instead. You don't have to make the edging.


Unknown said...

Hi would this pattern be printable? I ask because if I was to make this I would need number each row and tick it off as I go along.thanks qwerty Brenda

Unknown said...

Yea exactly my question

Unknown said...

I would also like to print this off, it is just what I am looking for for my granddaughter, like a lot of the youngsters she is into all this stuff, and it is a great pattern.

Unknown said...

If you right click with your mouse on the image of the chart you can choose to open the chart in another tab. From there you can right click again and choose to print the page :)

Thanks for the pattern, this was my first foray into filet crochet and reading a chart. I was so inspired I had to push through those scary boundaries!